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gene Sept.13-15,2001
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Eesti Geenikeskus
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Prof. Andres Metspalu
University of Tartu, Estonia
Dr. Jaanus Pikani
Estonian Genome Foundation, Estonia

Esonian Biocentre
tartu - city of good thoughts
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The publishing of the reports on the newly decoded human genome in scientific journals was the end of a long and unprecedented race to unscramble humanity's Book of Life, and supposedly the beginning of new golden age of medical miracles and biotech booms. 

The Estonian Genome Project (www.genomics.ee) - the creation of databases including phenotype and genotype data of the Estonian population (up to 1 million people) - will be launched shortly in a clearly defined ethical and legal environment. The objective of the project is to identify genes that cause and influence common diseases. In addition to the goal of enabling gene discovery, a long-term goal of the project is practical implementation of genomic medicine to public health at a massive scale. 

The Estonian Genome Project was introduced at the Gene Technology Forum 2000 held in Tartu last September. The outcome of the forum was discussed by Lone Frank in Science (Science, Vol. 290, No. 5489, Issue of 6 Oct 2000, p.31). 

GENE TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2001 is focused on genomics, genetics of complex diseases and the commercial applications of this information aimed at the development of new drugs and therapies for genetic diseases. The Forum will address the possibilities of using population-based health databases in creation of new businesses and delivery of better health care. One of the main objectives of the forum is to give an overview of the latest developments regarding the Estonian Genome Project. 


  • Impact of genetics and genomics on health care 
  • Genetic susceptibility and environmental factors in complex diseases 
  • Genetics and cancer 
  • Genes, information and new economy 
  • Estonian Genome Project 
Deadline for submission of abstracts for POSTER SESSION is August 20, 2001. Abstracts containing appr. 250 words should be sent to the Conference Secretariat by email: geneforum@frens.ee
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Conference Secretariat: 
 Frens Conference Services, P.O. Box 118, 10502 Tallinn, Estonia
 Ph: +372 6 999 205, fax: +372 6 999 201, e-mail: geneforum@frens.ee