Personalized Medicine: Myth or Reality
- Sept.13-14,2002
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organized by
Eesti Genome Foundation
Esonian Biocentre
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Prof. Andres Metspalu
University of Tartu, Estonia
Dr. Jaanus Pikani
Estonian Genome Foundation, Estonia
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- "Estonia is planning to establish a database containing the genetic information of its entire population and to open it up for the most lucrative form of the new economy - the technological search for medicines to combat the worst scourges of mankind."
Dirk Schümer
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Nov. 26, 2000

Estonian Genome Foundation cordially invites you to participate in the
4th Annual International Gene Forum 2003
September 12-13, 2003, in Tartu, Estonia.

Biotechnology leads the way in medical innovation by confronting life's most threatening illnesses. Hundreds of biotechnology drugs and vaccines are in human clinical trials and many more in early development. Nearly every human disease is under attack by thousands of dedicated researchers all over the world.

To date, the explosion of new data from the sequencing projects has yielded more questions than disease therapies, but that should change as genomics and proteomics researchers' understanding of how molecules interact and respond to environmental stress grows when we're healthy or sick.

The Estonian effort to collect health and genetic data from hundreds of thousands of Estonians, formally known as the Estonian Genome Project (www.geenivaramu.ee), could steer the course of science in new directions. By filling out a database serving as the foundation of new genome-based diagnostic tests and drugs, the Estonians could provide a valuable tool for underpinning the underlying genetic causes of human diseases.

Gene Forum 2003 will bring together experts from Europe and other parts of the world for discussion of progress in the field of biotechnology and, in particular, human genetics, population and community genetics and pharmacogenomics. The event incorporates Exhibition aimed at biotechnology-related companies, Connect Biobusiness Workshop and ScanBalt Bioregion Steering Committee meeting.

The Forum topics include:
- genomics and genetics of complex diseases
- population genetics and biobanks
- pharmacogenomics and business
- human genetics
- bioethics and genetics

Keynote speaker:
Prof. Rolf M. Zinkernagel (Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1996)
Institute of Experimental Immunology, Zurich, Switzerland.

As the organizers, we hope that the 4th Gene Forum 2003 will create a favourable environment to exchange ideas and experiences. The Forum will facilitate personal contacts between scientists, doctors and business and should encourage further development of bilateral and multilateral co-operation (networking) with participants. The personal and institutional links created as a result of this forum may lay a basis for further international cooperation within the European Research Area.

The Forum will take place in Tartu, the second biggest city of Estonia, rich in academic and historical traditions. Sessions will be held in the Vanemuine Conference Centre. We hope that your stay in Tartu will be both enjoyable and scientifically stimulating.

Important Dates:
Preliminary Programme Available March, 2003
Abstract Submission August 1st, 2003
Early Registration Before June 25th, 2003
Regular Registration Before September 11th, 2003
On-site Registration September 12th-13th, 2003

-Gene Technology Forum 2003 will be held on September 12-13, 2003
More information about speakers and programme will appear in March 2003

-Genetechnology Foorum 2002 Abstracts (PDF)

-Gene Technology Forum 2002 Photo Album

-Rapid Development of Biotechnology will Continue to Personalize Medicine (press release, 16-09-2002)

-Download 2002 Programme (PDF)

-Download 2002 1st Announcement

-Gene Technology Forum 2002 "Personalized Medicine: Myth or Reality" 
Tartu, Estonia, September 13-14, 2002 
Forum focused on: 
Genetics, genomics and diseases
Genetic information and new economy
Genetics and bioethics 
Estonian Genome Project

-Article in TRENDS in Biotechnology Genes, technology and public dialogue in Tartu, Estonia (Andres Metspalu, Vol.20 No.2 February 2002) - 15/1/2002
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