The completion of the Humane Genome Project and the Celera's project in association with tremendous developments in the area of IT will take us to the "Biotech century". Phrases such as "association studies", "candidate genes", "bioinformatics", "proteomics" etc., will be the keywords of the coming 10-15 years.

Estonia has embarked in collecting a database that can be used as raw material for exploring new candidate genes and launching effective individualized medicines. The aim of this Estonian Genome Heredity Project is to gather health data and genotype more than 1 million Estonian inhabitants.

GENE TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2000 will address the following main topics:

  • Population-based health databases in genome studies--technical, legal, ethical and financial aspects.
  • Gene technology in Baltoscandia--ongoing scientific projects and investment opportunities.
  • Bioinformatics-problems and solutions coping with rapidly growing data amount.
  • Gene technology start-up companies--lessons learned in investment and management.

Who should attend?

GENE TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2000 is aimed to:

  • scientists
  • investors
  • managers
  • politicians